Theracomics use the many advantages of comics to teach social and emotion al skills to kids. Being both visual and verbal they quickly present social situations from several points of view, inviting readers to develop perspective and understanding. Kids get to ‘try out’ different responses through the the characters while making connections with their own challenges. Theracomics allow guided discussion and reflection to take place. Theracomics tell stories about the things kids deal with ....... Read more here.....
WHILST COMICS ARE IMMENSELY POPULAR WITH KIDS........ would seem that they are not so popular with adults, who have to buy them for the kids!
So we are giving away a set of comics with each order of Theragames!!  
(: just for the kids :)
Watch this space for Theracomic #4 coming soon

....unless it gets lost in the
Land of the Lost and Forgotten again.......

Theracomic #0 - The First Step In!

Issue #0 introduces the whole Theraworld project, its authors and the narrative ratio behind it. Everything you need to know it's here!

Theracomic #1 - Making Friends: Part 1

Earth and Amaroo are the same planet, only in 2 different dimensions. While on Earth evolution took a wild turn, Amaroonians opted for a controlled approach improving their genes before birth. Both worlds are changed when kids from the two dimensions meet to create the TUESDAY CLUB!

Theracomic #2 - Making Friends: Part 2

#2 continues the story of the Tuesday Club!. Roy, Kathy, Madi and Harper are stranded in the Land of the Lost and Forgotten, while a Plasma storm is about to hit their location!

Theracomic #3 - Making Friends: Part 3

#3 completes this adventure by catching Killer Koala and finding their way home!

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