There are 15 Boardgames designed for players aged 5 to 15 
Each boardgame focuses on a different set of 
social/emotional skills
Eight of the games use Reflection Sheets (view here) to
reinforce the main ideas.

Buy Individual games, or a Self-Assemble Kit, or a
Ready to Play Set

Every order receives 3 free Theracomics 
(:just for the kids:)
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Public and private school orders:

Please Download the Orderform (here) scan and email to or post to the address on the form. A tax invoice will be mailed with the games for payment within 14 days.


Theragames has a registered Vendor ID with NSW Department of Education schools for easy order & payment. 

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

Non-school orders:

Please use the online order process below to pay via PayPal or contact us for the details to make a Direct Debit payment. Payments must be received before goods are dispatched. 

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

International orders:

Please use the online order process below to pay via PayPal. Payments must be received before goods are dispatched. Postage and delivery time will be estimated at checkout.

             THE BOARDS:

The simplest game for young children. Practice taking turns, using friendly words and being polite while collecting Little Friends. 4-9 years.
A simple game for young children with an element of frustration thrown in. Practice dealing with frustration while waiting for your turn. Social and emotional literacy. 4-9 years.
A more complex game – avoid frustration and the sharks while practicing social and emotional skills. 4-10 years.
Dealing with frustration while talking about friendly and unfriendly actions, relaxation and stress management, coping with winning and losing. 4-10 years.
This game uses social dilemmas to learn about friendship, friendliness and politeness. Reflection Sheets help explore the complexities of friendships. 6-14 years.
Develop resilience while taking the sting out of teasing. Practice being assertive while dealing with Pests and Bullies. Reflection Sheets help build resilience and when to seek help. 7-15 years.
Use social dilemmas to explore anger management, alternatives to aggression, kindness and dealing with losing. 4 -14 years. Reflection sheets help develop an emotional first aid plan. 7-15 years.
Collect awards while keeping out of trouble in the playground. Be a good sport while dealing with teasing, bullying, fighting, swearing. 7-15 years.
A cooperative game where players acknowledge each others’ strengths and talk about feelings. Practice giving compliments, talk about kindness and all arrive together. 7-16 years.
Learn to be strong and smart like the Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent. Swap ideas to meet family, school, peer and physical challenges. 10-14 years.
Beat all the scary things while helping your friends. Reflection sheets help develop resilience. 7 years ++.
Successful students are Confident Organised Persistent and Socially skilled. Catch the Robbers while helping friends. Reflection sheets. 8–15 years.
Learn cognitive behaviour skills and resilience and how to cope with anxiety, depression. Refection sheets help practice these skills. CBT - 10 ++.
Beat the BlissBombs with true happiness - Beauty - Love - Interest - Social - Spirit. Reflection sheets. 7 ++.
Explore character development through moral dilemmas and cooperation. Players develop a ‘Paragon’ by collecting character strengths. Gain ‘Karma Coins’ by helping others. Beat the Dragons and the whispers of the Shadows. 10-16 years.
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READY TO PLAY SET 15 boardfaces manual cards dice tokens reflection sheets USB BONUS - 3 COMICS

$ 400.00

SELF-ASSSEMBLE KIT 15 boardfaces USB (manual cards reflection sheets) BONUS - 3 COMICS

$ 250.00

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